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Guillermo Torres

I design products. My goal is to identify patterns and opportunities, then create engaging interactions among people, products and technology.

I combine technology, human need, empathy and refined aesthetics to create meaningful experiences. I lead the Pro Host team at Airbnb, where we created solutions for professional hosts like hotels to be successful in the marketplace.

At Google Maps, I lead the Directions team, helping people get to their destination in any platform using any mode of transportation.

Prior to this I have lead design at both early stage startups, large corporations and agencies, having the privilege of creating interactive experiences for global brands including Adobe, Gucci, Nike, Microsoft, Autodesk, Visa and Target.

Speaking Engagements
  • Experience Design Summit - San Francisco'20
  • UXcited - Prague'19
  • Krupa - Kiev'19
  • Design Encounters - Warsaw'17
  • Interaction South America - Cordoba'15
  • CSSConf - Amelia Island'13
  • AIGA’s Y Conf- San Diego'10
  • IXDA Interaction - Savannah'10
  • UX Australia - Canberra'09
  • Adobe MAX - Los Angeles'09

  • One Show
  • The One Show
  • Communication Arts
  • FWA
  • Cannes Cyber Lyons


7 Days in Vietnam

I had the privilege to travel to Vietnam. It was a lifelong dream to wander the streets of Hanoi and eat as much as possible. This is my travel journal.

Designing Developer Tools

I spent a few years designing developer tools. If you are a designer that is thinking of tackling this space, I’d love to share what I learned during this time.

Designing Trust for Conversion

Small changes can make a big impact at early stage startups. It’s easy to notice what caused a positive change, but the cause often takes a bit of thinking. This is an exploration on what a company can do to gain its users trust through design.

Why your job description should read more like a tweet.

The way that we communicated what we are looking to hire is through a job description. This is the central device in the hiring process yet it hasn’t really evolved much, even though everything around it has in fact changed rapidly.


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